A gray sliver cool
A morning gentle breeze
The silver maples turn their leaves and shin
This is an unusual change in the weather.
Japanese Beatles are devouring the Marigolds
The rest of the garden seems not to be bothered
That is why they are there
I spied deer tracks at the edge of the garden near the lettuce
The lettuce did need to be trimmed back they were getting close to going to seed.

Around the other end of the earth Mr. Lance Armstrong is showing us the machine we all can be.
Dedication, devotion, life set as a clock to a task. We all know what he will do, his body will move as a machine.
Do we really want to live like that machine?

A glossy shining piece of paper came in the mail it was large and very professional
 Trying to sway my mind
I looked out and it is raining
Why should a person get away with doing what I am doing in this so-called paragraph above
It should be illegal
It is blasphamy
It is third grade failure


Words & Graphics by Tomas