The Flames That Burned the Images of the Sixties

Holding Back the Years (1986)
Simply Red
Is playing as I write.

These are the flames that burned the images of the sixties.

The piercing eyes of Charles Manson and his followers; the despicable beast with ones followers and one weekend forever disemboweled ”The Bearded Man in Rags” as being one of the followers of the Flower Children.

And that is not all that has tarnished the image of the Flower Child.
The word in the sixties was “communal living” the place where the world lived in peace with two fingers raised and a child garlanded with flowers asking the world to please live in peace.
With one swift move the Rev. Jim Jones; founder of the People's Temple in Georgetown, Guyana removed the word commune from everything good that it stood for as the Flower Children blossomed. He led his followers to death and they blindly followed him.
And to make matters worse, we need no propaganda here: “Order of the Solar Temple” where human beings followed their cult leader to death.

Being a child of the sixties today now carries the image of evil.
I know better and I do try to explain it but the textbooks only tell of brainwashing, drugs, filth and evil.
Only the words in our songs are all that is left of the sixties.
My words only inflame my family and friends; my message only tarnishes my dreams.
I want to continue to write but alienation is the only look I get.


Words & Graphics by Tomas