I awoke yesterday morning spaced out.

Laurel said to Allison on the phone, “Yes dad will bring some compost and plant your Irises”.
My brain was in a no fly zone.
My body was, ”at rest”.
My little world had come to a halt.
All projects and those projected were called off.
I understood,”Deep Space Nine”.
I understood all the teachings of all the great men; I was truly space out.
Laurel took one look and didn’t bother to scream or yell, she had seen that empty spaced out look before.
From time to time everyone comprehends what really happened at Morningstar and my little body had flown over that space.
Well this morning I do recall a little of what went on in the past 24 hours.
I do remember driving back from Murray but little else.
Recollection from space.

 Words & Graphics by Tomas