I have this space that I occupy which does not blanket the world.
I am but a speck when seen by the eyes of our cameras in those outer spaces.
I have no control over those eyes in space.
I am this creature that walks upright covered with garments weaved from
the substances gleaned from this planet.
Understanding why I am here at this moment is not completely understood.
The fact that I am I do understand.
I am completely surrounded by the buffeting effects of this social society.
I am not alone in this society built of stone;
I am not standing alone in some deserted space.
I am surrounded by machinery that quietly hums in the background.
Everything is programmed to work for the benefit of my being.
I have bartered my life for this pleasure.
I am told that my voice, (my ideas can speak), can mark an idea on stone.
I am a little perplexed?
I am using a computer to write what I am thinking but do not understand why?
Well I do occupy this space, a very comfortable space indeed and that does help.
There is a sound coming from that black box?
I am educated enough to understand why?
I look around and see.
My body feels a chill.
I smell the earth.
Very nice!
My thoughts say that there is violence off in the distance.
The black box sings.
“Cathy’s Clown”
"El Paso"


Words & Graphics by Tomas