I am a creature that is constantly bombarded with sounds. Something like the aware cat or dog that rests with their ears turning in the direction of sound for their protection.  I awoke with the sounds of a documentary about prisons with shuffling feet and steel doors slamming shut. A slow mildly rude awaking, it did not take long for me to silence the sound and bury my head into a comforting pillow. Too late I am awake and today I am not fuzzy or sandy eyed.  I am aware and I have not checked any “blogs” but I did write Ramon concerning our writings on line.

Words do not spoil like potatoes they will keep for a very long time if properly stored.
Then again words left to our minds do not last very long.
Storytellers awaken the crowds with your loving words.
We have many of them.

 Words & Graphics by Tomas