I was watching a documentary on China the other day and it blew my mind.
They are a technological society.
I always assumed that they were the red card carrying soldiers in green colored garments of old Chairman MaoTse-tung.
They have entered the new age of Silicon Valley.
They have pretty well mastered the Silicon Valley and Japanese computer and robotic technologies.
Business and housing is created by the minute.
It is moving as fast or faster than Las Vegas.
The United States is being left behind.
Does the world want the world I live in?
I feel that they do.
Is the rolling contractor with his staplers and compressed siding going to come over the hill in just a few minutes creating the five story high rise and moving west leaving me standing between the walls wearing dry molecular nanotechnology.
The amount of information at my feet is becoming a blur.
Fuzzy vision is stepping into the limelight nothing is to be believed.
I understand the garden and the view of color at my line of sight but
I do not understand what the wall tells me as being correct.



Words & Graphics by Tomas