Three Different Days
The wind is blowing like March.
It is cool, the Goldfinch are surrounding the tube feeder.
It has been raining for three days and the grass in the yard is getting a little long.
It seems to me that the Government has been spraying for mosquitoes.
Normally they say that they do not have the money to take care of them/spray.
They did ask us last year to empty/remove standing water.
Next Evening
It is cool, comfortable, wind swept bikers are out, blue and red bandana over gray hair, black leathers, handlebars rising into the sky.
Laurel says there is hundreds of Bright Yellow Goldfinch in the Hackberry tree;
they are diving down to the tube feeder that is hanging from the lower limbs.
Buzzards are soaring high up on the thermals above us.
Day Three
Sitting on the golden wooden deck, musing; blue skies over the lush green of Kentucky.
The White an Red Dogwoods are in bloom they are scattered throughout the woods.

One of the greatest things to come out of the sixties is the ability to make your friends feel good.
Tolstoy, Morningstar and the Haight made me feel good. We can name fifty things about those times that caused us all to feel great.
I came out with that gift.
This moment in time without want; the sense that we are in the Garden!
That tree is so full and green;
the earth is clean and green,
movement, noise,
talking and a mild wind, rocking, flying, tasting.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


Words & Graphics by Tomas