Images in our minds make the best stories.
Reality rarely offers the excitement our egos crave.
Looking out at the fact of life shows me just the green earth and all its movements, noises and colors.
Creatures run and fly through our view.
I have to travel a long way to find the violence that is expressed on television.

It would take weeks to travel by foot to any violence from here.
By using an automobile I could find some violence a little quicker, say maybe a few hours.
Airplanes, the state of the art in speed could move me almost or perhaps faster than my voice could travel to you.
Such quick movement could place me over the top of our war machines.

Telephone and cell phones travel much faster than any airplanes but we have not been able to ride those waves at the present time.
I look out at the earth and I do not see any kind of signals traveling through the air.
But I know that they are there, some peaceful, some meaningful, some athletic and some violent.
I am looking over to the next hill, our horizon, our view, our image of earth.
My mind move like picturesque clockwork, tick, tick, exact, somehow to the proper point in time.
These images of violence come to me without delay.
When I grew up in the fifties those images of violence came via selected film at the movie theaters and later selected local television film. Before that those images came from word of mouth and hand drawn art work.
Too much too fast, beyond the meaning of Blitzkrieg.

Gollum is learning the meaning of ....


Words & Graphics by Tomas