Hummingbirds, Cattle & Moods
The humming birds are back and I saw three Cattle Egrets fly over this home heading south.
Today we are off to Paducah for some needed supplies and on the way we did see some Cattle Egrets on the ground in several places near cattle.

Laurel got the humming bird feeders out yesterday.
We have had one feeder out for the last two weeks.
We must have some humming bird droppings on our roof. Because it did not take long for those birds to find our home.
We got the garden planted; we will wait a little before planting tomatoes.
Tomatoes in this part of the country just sit until the ground is warm. I have planted early and on time, it makes no difference.
The plants will only grow when the weather is perfect for them.
They love it hot and steaming.
Allison is a trooper, we dropped by to work on my car and Allison and Natasha were out planting flowers in their yard, Eliana was cradled in her mothers sack.
It was a wonderful, comforting sight to behold.
After the Rain
4 22 2004
 Laurel and I are going out to find the mood of the day in picture.
I have the feeling in my bones. It is a warm spring day and the rain has washed the earth clean.
We are going out to find that mood in picture.
Hopefully we will bring back a slight facsimile of the mood of this day and hopefully place that feeling on line so as
the world will feel the comfort that blesses our day.

Rain again today
4 23 2004

Tree At the Edge of Town
4 23 2004
Photo by Laurel

Creek At the Edge of Town
4 23 2004
Photo by Laurel


Words & Graphics by Tomas