... turn on, tune in, drop out...
 ... turn on, tune in, drop out...
 ... turn on, tune in, drop out...
 ... turn on, tune in, drop out...
 ... turn on, tune in, drop out...

I sit and look at this screen wondering from where should a new idea come from.
How can I step to the plate with a new sense of understanding?
What morning wonders will this moment reveal?
And I realize that I am placing an alphabet in a particular way onto a screen to push
the sense of me being (a human being) toward you.
What magic,
what elixir,
what swirl of color and then
I am reminded of Leon Russell and
“Tight Rope, 1972”from the album “Carney”.

Another day I am awakened from deep slumber.
Oh great bear
look out
see the lighting of day as the earth spins revealing a new day.

Timothy Leary (October 22, 1920 - May 31, 1996)

"Six words: drop out, turn on, then come back and tune it in... and then drop out again, and turn on, and tune it back in... it's a rhythm... most of us think God made this universe in nature-subject object-predicate sentences... turn on, tune in, drop out... period, end of paragraph. Turn the page... it's all a rhythm... it's all a beat. You turn on, you find it inside, and then you have to come back (since you can't stay high all the time) and you have to build a better model. But don't get caught - don't get hooked - don't get attracted by the thing you're building, cause... you gotta drop out again. It's a cycle. Turn on, tune in, drop out. Keep it going, keep it going... the nervous system works that way... gotta keep it flowing, keep it flowing..."

These were spoken at another time in our life cycle.
Life itself can replace the drug.

Take Care and a Good Vibes

Tomas Muse

Words & Graphics by Tomas