Uniforms of Power
Blue suits neat and tidy, red ties, black socks and black shoes.
Their hair is neatly trimmed daily, no tattoos, no rings in their ears.
The moneylenders, the powerful, the extremely rich, the glamorous,
the place for those that want to be above that top shelve, above the cast system.
I heard ten 21-gun salutes; I heard ten “Hail to the Chiefs”.
Jesus, the Queen of England and the Pope have not seen anything like this before.
The perfectly orchestrated Republican Demonstration of Power by the very wealthy Republican Powers that be.
Bow to the Chief of the Trickle Down Economy.
Bow to the man that emptied our hospitals of the mentally ill throughout the United States.
Bow to the man that broke the back of the organized unions by firing the striking air traffic controllers.
Bow to the man whose puppet sits on his smiling thrown in the white house today.
Bow to the Chief of the Republican Party that has moved industry into non-union poor countries.
Bow the Republican Party that wants much much more money and power.
Bow to the man that feared Morningstar and wanted to destroyed the idea that went with it.
We love a winner, so we bow in reverence.

A very powerful statement by the Republican Party; they placed themselves beyond our reach.
Can they live on the 1500 hundred dollars a month that I earn in today’s society;
I do not think they know that people live on that amount of money.
I am the middle class.
We honor the death of a human being;
a man who lived and died on this planet;
he will take his place in history.
Uniforms of Power


Words & Graphics by Tomas