Another morning in a home built of brick and wood.
In this lighted space I see the darkness outside.
Technology has lighted our neighborhood; orange dim lights that
give a warm radiance to the darkness outside.
The hum of the fan that moves the warmth of heat throughout this wood and
brick enclosure is all that I hear; no wait there is the sound of
Alleycat bathing with one eye looking my way.
I awoke with a minor dull pain above my eyes in the space where my third eye should be.
There is no news in this hour of the morning until I go out via
some kind of electronic communication and get it.
What kind of information will it swell my mind with?
I have the ability to let my eyes and ears go out via
this electronic communication without leaving this area of our abode.
I call it decadence!
I call it decadence and I do not want to leave it; it is comfortable.
At some point in this line of time death will move me elsewhere.
Today this day I will swell my mind with this comfort.
Somewhere off in the future is the thought of the U. S. Senate.
A place where a human being has the ability to change
the way we see our environment.
I do not look like a politician; I do not talk like a politician;
I do not feel like a politician.
So why do I want to be there?
Is it the money?
Is this the place to stand to protect ourselves from harming another human being or
is it the place to stand to protect this planet from ourselves?
Where is there a better place to voice my thoughts and
bring changes that will stop this onslaught of greed?
This is a better place!
But that Bully Pulpit (The U. S. Senate) is where I should be.

“Bully Pulpit”
“This term stems from President Theodore Roosevelt's reference to the White House as a "bully pulpit," meaning a terrific platform from which to persuasively advocate an agenda. Roosevelt often used the word "bully" as an adjective meaning superb/wonderful. Roosevelt also had political affiliation with the Progressive Party, nicknamed the "Bull Moose" party. It got the moniker when Roosevelt ran for President as its candidate in 1912, after declaring himself as "fit as a bull moose."

Deep inside this mind something does not make sense?
Something is troubling this mind like a can of worms that has been opened
but instead of worms, knives and guns terrorize this planet like a
churning, muddy, life filled tsunami.


Words & Graphics by Tomas