Money in the world of light, we are printing money to earn and to save.
I saw a commercial that showed bank robbers entering a vault to rob and
being met by a computer that said the money was not there;
it was in a more secure location; in the computer; money in the world of light.
If that is possible then companies that say that employees have to give in and
concede concessions to them is absurd.
Not being able to have health benefits for the poor is absurd.
If money is secure in the world of light then the amount of money there
is just in the imagination of the bank or country.
If we can be in debt for 100 billion dollars then we can create that amount in our banks.
How is it possible for us to have the greatest army in the world and have
the Middle East as the richest countries in the world?
Our wealth is as great as our armies.
We are in the world of smoke and mirrors,
influence and
money in the world of light.

 Words & Graphics by Tomas