The ability to have faith in what you believe in keeps us alive;
be it religion or atheist, some activity or purpose keeps us going on,
endearing the tremendous faults our wily neighbors send our ways.
My life is filled with future events, "my birthday", "her birthday", "their birthday", "Christmas", "holidays and feasts", etc.
Where does Zen and its thought work with a schedule?
There is a moment in time that I do exist in and it is not tomorrow or
an appointed date or a spiritual future event.
It is now.
Our calendar is a tool.
Astrology is a tool.
Wanting is a Christmas Gift.
Writing is a Christmas Gift.
Changing ones lifestyle is a Christmas Gift.
Fulfilling a prophecy is a Christmas Gift.
Working drives away the thought and Zen is the Gift.
Tuesday Morning
The rain clouds roll toward the northeast;
the yard is soaked and walking though the yard would create deep footprints in the bright deep green grass.
Our home is cluttered; our young gray kitten is bringing in varmints, twigs and leaves.
We are constantly picking up those loose ends in our morning chores.

Our Yule tree will be up in a few days.
I traditionally waited until one week before Christmas day before raising it toward the clouds and
removed it the day after the New Year.
Laurel is creating a seasonal letter to send to all our friends and relatives;
I have had a peek and it is wonderful, colorful and full of seasonal cheer.
 I step toward the news in the mornings;
I am saddened because the war still rages and all involved still rage.
It is a losing life situation.
I turn off all machines that point toward the destruction of humanity.
Our president did not listen to me though he knew of me.
If the fire must burn let it burn on the hearth;
keep your children away from the fire.


Words & Graphics by Tomas