Tomas was at Morningstar from October of 1967 to March or May of 1968.
At that time I was not aware of the time frame that I was there, only through research have I found out the time frame.
While I was their time moved very slowly. I was ragged and poor, content and very much in the essence of being
on this planet earth.
These are links that gave me a clue as to my whereabouts during those times at Morningstar Ranch.
Sept. 1967 Tolstoy Farm:  TOMAS.HTM
Tomas meets Ramon in the apple orchards of Yakima Valley in Washington State.
From Home Free Home
(Internet Link)
October 1967 Morningstar Ranch:
 "Just after the women were bailed out, Gina, Ramón and Katy the Dog drove into Morning Star, fresh from a recuperative rest at Tolstoy Farm. With them came Fruits 'n Nuts Nancy and Wally, Nancy's two children Greggy and Michelle, her teenage brother Denny and Tomás, a Mexican-American young man they had met up north. Ramón was amazed at the changes at the ranch. The Lower House kitchen and dining room had been destroyed per order of the county as well as the porch of the Upper House. No cooking could go on at the ranch. All meals were being prepared at Don Orr's farm workers' dining hall which contained a well-appointed kitchen with a hotel-type stove."
January 1968
I stand my ground and the judge almost sends me to the funny farm.
The middle of the first column
" The case of one other - the 21st defendant - was continued until Monday ........"
Ramon has moved the Morningstar Scrapbook to this website.
(Internet Links)

One of my days in court:

The lower newspaper article says that the judge had refused to go to lunch with Lou.
He may have that day; but the day I was set free ( the upper article) we did go to lunch with the judge and Lou.
There were several of us from the commune at the luncheon. The lunch was the same day I was set free.
We had lunch at his home and he was very proud to be with us; he admired the way we stood our ground.
I do not know how the court or newspaper got my name; it was not by me.
I am the Tomas Dias mentioned in the upper article.

Another Arrest

(Internet Link)
Downhill and paranoia:  I spent the next few days at the Morningstar Annex as I was asked to do, then headed back to Morningstar Ranch proper. The first night back I was visited by the police, as Ramon so nicely puts it in Home Free Home.  The next night I slept under the lower house in the crawl space with the dust and spiders.  Not too pleasant a place to crash.  "Heh, can I crash here for the night?"  God, I was digging like a mole to be more comfortable.  Ah, paranoia!  I now knew what the word paranoia meant.  I was cowering and hiding under a black cloak in the dark.  My Precious, My Precious, Morningstar, as I rubbed my hands together like Gollum.  At that time I thought I was alone in my hiding.  Now after thirty years I know I was not alone.
I have a deep anger for the world who rousted me out of bed. They said, We have your name on a list and you are not supposed to be here. The law says that you are not wanted here, go elsewhere.  I climb out of bed dazed, rubbing the night out of my eyes. Dazed and not wanted, my name on a list,  the blue uniforms carried my name and number.
  I am not a criminal, I am a being seeking the fountain of youth. I am a child seeking the flowers in the garden. I stand a being alone and dazed. They had done their part, I was hurt. I flied on the first express that was flying over. Where was the understanding, the peace, the world united and the freedom of being?
Some things have changed, but not much. Reaganomics has eliminated the help. What did he know? Not much!

Morningstar Ranch: MAR301968.HTM

(Internet Link)
Headline: Another $1000.00 fine for Gottlieb
Excerpt from the local paper gave me a clue of the last days at Morningstar for Tomas. Here is the excerpt (bottom page, second column)
……………….."The three - …… and Thomas Diaz 26 - appeared in court….
March or May, 1968  TOMAS2.HTM
 I was later caught again at Morningstar and set free. (See Another fine for Gottlieb)
I left for New York with Kathy and Ambo a few days later. They wanted me to leave and I left.  I left everyone behind.
Yes, everyone was moving away like the spokes of a wheel, the centrifugal force moving you farther and farther apart.  This sometimes makes me so sad, losing such friends. You want to reach out and touch them just like Adam and God in the Sistine Chapel, but they are too far apart. Gone forever, living only in my dreams.
As I write Laurel came in to say the Space Shuttle has blown up in it's descent to earth.
Maybe it is time to add a service station to our outer space community.
You know a place to replace the wipers and tiles, kick the tires and check the oil,
a nice little indoor warehouse that could check the fleet out before its next voyage to home or abroad.

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Table of Content

Spring 1967
Tom meets Jose Feuntes in Seattle, Wa.
Jose Fuentes introduces Tom to Sylvia Williams
Sylvia Williams asks Tom to come to Tolstoy
Sylvia is married to Huw Williams at Tolstoy
Sylvia is pregnant with Sennet
Slyvia and Tom fall in love
Tom loves Sylvia, but Sylvia married and pregnant
Tom meets Joanie
Tom gets turned on
Tomas loves everyone
Tomas and Joanie one night
Andie wants Tomas for one night Tom says no
Tomas and Sylvia holding hands in public
Where  is Hew? Working
Tomas leaves Tolstoy to go pick apples to earn a little money Sept 1967
Ramon finds Tomas at Yakima Valley Apple orchid
Ramon asks Tomas to go to Morningstar?
Tomas says yes
Ramon & Joanie, Wally & Nancy, Tomas go to Morningstar
Tomas meets Kathy Sweeney
Tomas and Kathy one night
Tomas meets Doris
Tomas & Doris yin & yang
Joanie asks to marry Tomas?
Tomas answer Duh...!
Joanie goes in hospital
Tomas goes to wish well
Rena says Tomas stay outside
Tomas meets Kyle Banks, Robbie Cusimano
Tomas & Doris yin & yang in jail
Doris to Tepee
Paraplegic asks Tomas for love in bed
Tomas says no
Doris says no
Police say no more Morningstar
Sylvia has a baby boy Sennet Williams  Feb 15, 1968
Tomas asks Ambo & Kathy to leave for N.Y. March 1968
Ambo and Kathy say yes
Kathy meets Laurel Chicago
Tomas meets Laurel
Ambo asks Laurel to go to Morningstar
Laurel says no
Ambo and Kathy ask Tomas to go back to Morningstar
Tomas says no because police say no
Ambo and Kathy are stunned
Laurel is stunned
Laurel and Tomas good friends
Laurel and Tomas yin & yang
Laurel and Tomas living together
Sylvia is pissed at Huw
Sylvia is upset at Tom
Sylvia is confused
Tomas and Laurel get married
Doris visits Tolstoy
Sylvia gives all her love to both of us (Tomas & Laurel)
Sylvia gives her heart to us and cries
Tomas is a confused young man
Sylvia is a confused young women
Laurel has a baby
Doris has a baby
Kathy has a baby
Rena has a baby
Huw and Tomas are working
Sylvia talks to Laurel about children
Laurel and Sylvia become good friends
Sylvia does not want to talk to Tomas
Doris does not want to talk to Tomas
Tomas apologizes to Joanie
Tomas wants to apologize to everyone
 Gollum is learning the meaning of ....

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Table of Content.

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