January 23, 2002
Dark clouds rolled over the city of Marion, Ky. as we said,
"Goodbye", to those young men yesterday.
They rode off proudly in those polished red, white and blue busses. Flags and pride were truly on display.
Later that day to the north of the city black buzzards turned in circles as I walked out of the local drugstore.
I thought to myself,
"We just sent off a young army of men to war and now this banner of darkness has to fly over our city."
I was upset.
And to the south west the sky is ominously orange.
On two separate occasions over this past year (2001), I have seen over 100 buzzards flying over
the city of Marion in Kentucky. Is this some kind of prophecy?
This little hamlet that has forever moved forward into our future as it is described to me by
the Seamen's Commercial on TV every night.
And now the state budget has no room for improvement in our standard of living. Mmm, Eh!
Well at least I did not get bitten by one of those buzzards; how fortunate we are that we live in a democracy.
We need an army of help in Marion, Ky.
No political posturing please.
January 25, 2002
The buzzards were there again this eveing who is brave enough to take their picture?
http://www.sierraclub.org/factoryfarms/ rapsheets/kentucky/marion.pdf


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