Outside a bitter cold wind chills our bones.
A white brilliant blanket of snow and ice lies beneath the clear blue sky.
Footprints in the cold snow lead across the yard. A chill passes thought my body so close to Christmas.
The merriment cools my thoughts. I feel as my time has passed and I await the final day.
Winter begins.
Inside the green tree is illuminated in a rainbow of seasonal colors against the dark green background of fir.
Laurel circles the tree again and again.
She stands back and looks and then circles the tree again.
Lucas Murphy (Wally) wrote and sent some wonderful pictures and a Seasonal Greeting.
Stevie Nicks is singing in the background.
There are four cats lying under this colorful Christmas tree
which is a pleasant and rewarding sight that is totally unexpected.
Good feelings are here.


Words & Graphics by Tomas