I drive for three hours each day to work twelve hours.
And the saddest things that I see are people walking on the edge of the road.
I saw a teen with a t-shirt and baggy pants walking in the ditch along the highway,
the ditch where the weeds grow and the rainwater flows and the ticks and weeds latch on to your being.
Or I see a young woman in jeans and jumper pushing a stroller and child along the gravel edge of the road
avoiding the passing cars.
Everyday we move aside our vehicles and wonder why people are in our way, don't they have cars?
And I always answer to myself where is the paved path for these folks?
Were 20 years behind the times?
The government provides roads for cars and plans ahead with trees and paths.
A budget removes the trees and paths and just provides the basics, roads for cars.
I want to be sarcastic, but these are just words.
I enjoy driving to work.
I enjoy working.
But I do not like the combination of three hours travel time and twelve hours working time.
I know that the slaves in Egypt did not have an eight-hour working day.
I but I hopefully assume that two thousand years later our days can be divided more humanely.
Well I'm wrong again.

Words & Graphics by Tomas